Call for abstracts and papers

Reconsidering Gender and industrial Relations

The 2017 AIRAANZ conference theme invites us to consider the role of gender in industrial relations – as it is conceptualised, practised, researched and operationalised. Proposals for abstracts and papers are welcome on a number of areas, including:

  • Gender and disability in organisations
  • Gender, work and policy developments
  • Gender and collectivism Pay equity
  • Equity and diversity
  • Women in male-dominated areas
  • Women working in the caring professions
  • Theoretical examinations of gender in the workplace
  • Work and family
  • Female migrant workers
  • Women in casual employment
  • LGBTQ activism in workplaces
  • Women in the public sector
  • Bullying, harassment and sex discrimination

International perspectives are very welcome as are more historical, comparative or theoretical papers. Papers and abstracts on other human resource management and industrial relations issues are also welcome.

Any enquiries to: Sue Williamson:


Date Event
Friday 23 September 2016 Abstracts due
Friday 28 October 2016 Refereed papers due
Friday 2 December 2016 Revised refereed papers due
    Non-refereed papers due


Key Dates

Date Event
Friday 30 September  Notification on Abstracts
Friday 11 November 2016 Notification of refereed paper
Friday 9 December 2016 Early bird registration closes
Conference Streams

AIRAANZ 2017 will have six conference streams. These are:

To submit an abstract or paper to one of these streams, choose the appropriate category on the presentation portal where papers/abstracts are uploaded.

Call for Abstracts/Papers

You are invited to submit abstracts/papers in the fields of industrial or employment relations, human resource management, labour history, labour law, labour geography, the economics, psychology and sociology of work, workplace dispute settlement and related fields.

Abstracts should be no longer than 250 words and are due by 23 September. You will be notified on whether or not your abstract has been accepted on 30 September.

Please carefully follow these guidelines. Papers will be returned to authors if they do not adhere to the guidelines.
AIRAANZ Author Guidelines   -­‐  full papers, refereed and non-­‐refereed.


Submitting Papers 

If you intend on submitting a full paper, please email your paper to indicating refereed paper or non- refereed paper.  The due date for refereed papers has been extended to Friday 28th October and non-refereed papers are due 2nd December.

If you need to present your paper on a certain day, please email the conference organisers at  as they are now drafting the program.  Also, please note that Thursday 9 February will focus almost exclusively on gender  and IR/HRM issues.  The conference organisers will do their best to accommodate your request.


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